» Protea Coin Group reinforces safer crowd control with water cannon device. February 17, 2014 » Having the ability to use the absolute minimum force for the controlling of crowds has become critical in South Africa. As the leading service provider for the management of crowds during strikes, riots or unrests Protea Coin Group have subsequently acquired a water cannon which uses a high-velocity stream of water to contain crowds. [view]

» Protea Coin Group take to the air with 1st of its kind “eye-in-the-sky” technology in the southern hemisphere February 17, 2014 » Building on Protea Coin’s air-wing ability is the new addition of a “flir” (forward looking infra-red) thermal imaging camera. [view]

» Pieter Kritzinger accredited as international lead auditor January 17, 2014 » PCG Risk & Compliance & SHE General Manager Pieter Kritzinger accredited as international lead auditor [view]

» Protea Coin Group reach out to orphans December 10, 2013 » The Protea Coin Group Children’s Christmas Party, a yearly event, has once again brought joy to the hearts of more than 140 orphans and destitute children. All the Head Office Divisions actively participated in setting up stalls for which they managed to obtain sponsorships [view]

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23/04/2014 | 19:53
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